August 3, 2008

Adventures at the flea market

Me: Mark, do you want to go to the flea market with me?
Mark: [hems and haws] Not reeeeeaaalllly...

*10 minutes later*
Me: Ooh, this magazine article says the flea market has funnel cake.
Mark: I'm coming.

20 minutes later? Happiness is a mound of fried dough, hidden under an avalanche of powdered sugar.

Unfortunately, the funnel cake was the only thing the flea market had going for it. My ongoing search for vintage Pyrex was woefully unsuccessful. I am such a fan of vintage Pyrex! Check out the Flickr PyrexLove pool.

My favorites are the mixing bowls and the refrigerator dishes, especially the refrigerator dishes, because containers with glass lids for food storage are the best (no plastic leaching into your food). I have been meaning to check out some of the vintage shops near my parents' house, so maybe I'll have better luck this week.

*update* We inherited a set of the primary color mixing bowls! BLISS.

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