September 15, 2008

Ike food: part 2

Friday, early evening. Lights are flickering, but our power is hanging on. Mark decides it would be tragic to let 1 egg and 1 tub of sour cream go to waste. Thumbing through Joy of Cooking, he seizes on a recipe for coffee cake. He is perpetually searching for the mythical coffee cake of his youth, made with love by his grandmother. Joy's version is not it. Yet, with a hot cup of coffee, it is just the thing to soothe my worries as nearby tree branches whip around more forcefully than I am comfortable with.

Friday, late evening. Hurricane talk is dominating all the HD broadcasts (except for that terrible show with Charlie Sheen and Ducky from Pretty in Pink which, inexplicably, is on all the time). Something comforting is in order for dinner: basmati rice; curried butternut squash; corn sautéed with scallion, ginger, and coriander; and green beans sautéed with onion and cumin seeds. Heavy on the carbs is good for stress eating.

After a few glasses of Harpoon IPA, we go to bed, sated and ready for whatever Ike would bring us.

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