October 11, 2008

Photo updates

If I said I was flummoxed by this week's hoopla -- markets dropping, election weariness, a painful tetanus shot, and lots of work -- would you believe me? It's true. For now, I will resort to updating via photo glimpses of my life.

When your husband has a busy day ahead of him, it's awfully thoughtful to get up early and bake madeleines. These simple, buttery, faintly lemony, and irresistible treats remind me of le goƻter (the 4pm snack time in France is practically an institution and one which I took to immediately). So nice with a cup of tea. Earl Gray, please.

I have been on a simple food kick lately. Pork tenderloin rubbed with a simple spice mixture (salt, allspice, cinnamon, cumin, brown sugar, paprika), seared and roasted. Carrot and parsley salad with lemon vinaigrette. Rosemary and salt crusted potatoes.

More of the same. Saffron rice. Mango-pork picadillo. Garlicky kale.

We spent a few days in Chicago, hosted by my friend Susie. Highlights included an amazing photography exhibit at the Art Institute, our haunting karaoke duet to "Total Eclipse of the Heart," and her boyfriend Demian's birthday brunch, replete with birthday song chanting and the best veggie burger I have ever had. Obligatory self-taken tourist photo at the Bean in Millenium Park:

Saturday afternoon we drove to Galena, Illinois, birthplace of Ulysses Grant and home to Mark's awesome grandpa Cliff who turned 86 on Sunday. The chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting (frosted expertly by Mark's mom) we made:

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