March 3, 2009

My newest lunch obsession

I'm a big fan of 101 Cookbooks, an excellent vegetarian/vegan cooking blog. Heidi's recipes are super inspiring -- and I also really like that she is conscious of quality and healthful ingredients. Actually, considering that I made her miso soba noodle soup three times last week for lunch, I thought I should share my new favorite lunch.

I followed her guidelines loosely. She calls for a soup base using miso paste and hot water, but I built on her recipe by adding leftover green tea (inspired by green tea soba I had in Japan) and, since miso soup is usually made with bonito, or dried tuna flakes, I added a dash of fish sauce. To this I added al dente soba noodles, Savoy cabbage, cubes of firm tofu, shitake mushrooms, scallions, cilantro, and chili flakes for spice. So delicious and warming!

This recipe reminds me a bit of my mom, who makes delicious vegetarian dishes and is also quite skilled at using meat as a seasoning, rather than relying on it to play the starring role. In my opinion, it is not difficult to make a delicious meal out of a top quality steak or salmon, but it takes skill and creativity to create delicious, flavorful vegetarian dishes or dishes relying on just a bit of meat.

101 Cookbooks: Miso Soup Recipe

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