May 17, 2009

fun with lists

I don't like to make lists. I freaking love to make lists.

Until recently, I made my lists on scratch paper (and my bag was always filled with a ridiculous number of scraps of paper, not to mention gum wrappers, receipts from 2003, and other embarrassing crap. bag lady alert.). These days, my bag is a little cleaner because I keep a notebook with me. In it: dozens of random lists. Weekly meals. Books to read. Restaurants, cafes, bars to try. Things to pack for trips. Places I want to visit. Things to do with all the crap we have socked away in the freezer. Things I want to do around the house. Ideas for gifts. Ideas for dinner party menus. Etc etc etc.

Making lists is what I do to clear my head, to be organized, and to have fun thinking about all the fun stuff I get to do. Today, my list was summer food I'm looking forward to making. I get a little picky when it's hot outside, so I figured it'd be helpful to make a list (naturally!). So, in anticipation of delicious summer fruits and vegetables and refreshing meals, here is my "food I'm looking forward to making" list:

Cold noodles, especially soba noodles with tofu in a spicy ginger vinaigrette, sesame noodles, and Vietnamese rice noodles with nuoc mam
Salads especially panzanella, tomato/cucumber/onion salad, crab salad with jalapeno-lime vinaigrette, salade Ni├žoise, and anything with basil.
Grilled sweet corn brushed with spicy lime butter
Grilled stuff -- steak, marinated chicken thighs, salmon, and lots of burgers/kebabs
Pasta tossed with cherry tomatoes (marinated in garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and garlic), torn basil, and mozzarella
Cold dips, e.g. hummus, babaghanoush, green goddess dip, or herbed yogurt cheese -- with pita and crudites
Crostini with ricotta and roasted tomatoes, or garlic and tomatoes.
Frozen yogurt (looking forward to experimenting with blends of full fat, 2%, and nonfat greek yogurt), topped with berries or stone fruit
Gelato / ice cream / sorbet
Mark's terrific thin crust pizza
Iced mint green tea and cold brewed iced coffee every day
Cold fruit tarts, especially with berries and whipped cream. Oh, and Pierre Herme's lemon cream tart.

See, I'm getting excited already. What are you guys looking forward to making and eating this summer?? My little notebook has more room in it.


LJ said...

Fruit tarts (now that berries are good again!)
mangos dipped in chili powder
basil on everything, but especially with cherry tomatoes
all the gelato from l'arte de gelato
and my new favorite, som tum! so perfect for hot weather

LJ said...

oh yeah I remembered also - smoothies, horchata, ceviche, fornino pizza, red hook ball fields (huarache) and barbecuing! yay summer! (okay but it's still cold here so I am really jumping the 45 today when I woke up. yuck)

Lauren said...

You are so funny about your lists. I am a lister, too, although maybe not to the extent you are. For example, I just started a list of meals to make while my in-laws are here next week. I am also mentally compiling a list of things to bring to an upcoming BBQ, and I am going nuts because I keep forgetting to write it down. I am sitting next to a list that I made this morning of things I need to accomplish today. And there are always lists on the fridge--right now it's my spring cleaning list. My purse used to look like yours, which is why I always only carried one purse; who wants to transfer all that crap to another purse? I mean, it'd entail cleaning it out!

Anyway, I particularly want your recipe for the spicy lime butter. That grilled corn y'all made when you were here was heavenly, and we haven't quite been able to reproduce it.

As for our summer food: I make lots of pasta salads with various veggies, although this year I'd like to do more with grain salads rather than pasta. I am also looking forward to experimenting with lots of ice creams/sorbets/frozen yogurts. And I saw a recipe for a banana almond smoothie in Bon Appetit magazine that we're going to try any day now....

Kim said...

both of you mentioned smoothies - good call. mango smoothies are the best.

lauren - i'll work on a corn post once corn is in season! i forgot about the corn we made that summer!

Anonymous said...

fro-YO!!!! I'm sure you can squeeze it in your list woman!!!

Anonymous said...

why am i anonymouss!!! i'm sure you know who it is JAJAJAJAJA

Kim said...

elvia!! you crack me up. of course i will make you as much froyo as you can eat :D