May 4, 2009

he cooks... birthday dinner

Not to put too fine a point on it, but my husband is great. This weekend, he planned a perfect birthday celebration -- fun, but low-key. We relaxed, snacked on delicious treats, and Mark didn't let me lift a finger (and he did all the chores -- sweet!). And he made me feel very special by taking me to sushi and the symphony on Saturday and making me a nice dinner on Sunday.

I gave him a few ideas about dinner and then let him get creative. Namely, I requested a pretty and light starter. And, instead of cake, I asked him to make me a silky chocolate pudding with whipped cream for dessert.

This is what Mark made:

He piled crab and avocado mixture on thick slices of tomatoes and garnished everything with a lime/jalapeno vinaigrette, cilantro, and minced red onion. Then he went old school. Broiled Kobe ribeye with a knob of chive compound butter. Baked potato (which he filled with creme fraiche, chive butter, and bacon). Crisp-tender asparagus, rolled in olive oil, coarse salt, and pepper and roasted at 400 for about 5 minutes. It was great.

Finally, my chocolate pudding. He scraped and steeped a whole vanilla bean in whole milk, then whisked in corn starch, sugar, salt, and bittersweet chocolate. (I make it sound like a snap, but he was patiently whisking for at least 20 minutes.) On another note, someone please come eat some chocolate pudding with us. Really.

Also, even though they were not there to celebrate, I must thank my parents for bringing me into this world only 26 years ago -- and for all the love, encouragement, and support they've given since then. Love you guys!


Lauren said...

Way to go, Mark! And Happy Birthday, Kim.

I am growing some yellow heirloom tomatoes this year. They take 80 days to mature and bear fruit, though, which means we won't get to enjoy them until August or so. Boo.

Also, fear not. When Nathan and I move back, we will happily come over and eat all your leftovers, pudding included.

Kim said...

Lauren – Thanks!! And, it sounds like torture to wait 3 months for tomatoes, but I am certain they will be WELL worth the wait.

And yes, please, we need you guys to come share desserts with us. Sometimes the quantities get out of control... and that leads to Mark eating cherry pie for breakfast. Bad!

JDog said...

Pie for breakfast is bad? Since when?

That dinner looks heavenly.

Mark said...

I agree with JDog. As I've said many times before, pie is definitely better than a doughnut... not that a doughnut is good for you, but I'm just saying that a slice of pie is a legitimate breakfast.

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

I like how Mark's reasoning works--a slice of pie is a legitimate breakfast only when compared with a doughnut.