May 2, 2009

new blog

I've been meaning to change my blog name for, let's see, forever -- I wanted it to be more relevant to food and cooking/baking, since that is most often the subject of my posting. I also wanted Mark to be more involved in posting about his baking, because he really does amazing stuff and I'm in awe of him. I came up with the name because, while I am the classic improvisational cook, blithely ignoring recipes and tasting as I go, Mark is obsessed with the science behind baking and prefers precision to improvising any day.

I transferred all my old content here, with the exception of the comments which don't seem to want to join the party. This makes me sad, so I look forward to reading more comments soon :)

Welcome to our new blog!



JDog said...

Yay! I like the new name. I agree that it reflects more on what you tend to post about. Hopefully it'll make the critics out there happy. ;)

Kim said...

Ha! Until it's called "bun in the oven" I know of at least one person who *won't* be happy... :)

And hooray that you are the first commenter ever on our new blog! xo.

Lauren said...

I updated the link and also added you to my list of links under "Stuff I Like," which puts you up there with the Pioneer Woman. ;)

Kim said...

Lauren: aww, how sweet, though in no way am I close to being "up there" with the Pioneer Woman! She is great, though, isn't she?