October 20, 2009

getting things back in order

What is wrong with me?? 4 days in D.C. and 6 days in Boston and a grand total of one photo was taken. That is just not right. I suppose I was just having too much fun to remember my camera, which must convey what a good time we have been having.

Highlights in D.C.: Finally meeting my friend Nicole's new and adorable husband Matt, making a huge Mexican feast with Nicole and Ari, and a wonderful Indian lunch with Sravanya and her family. Honorable mentions: the National Museum of American History, Nicole's chocoflan, 2 Amy's pizza with burrata and tomato, Georgetown Cupcake's chocolate squared cupcake, and having drinks while watching the sun set over the Potomac.

Highlights in Boston: Mark had work to do (he gave a talk and had research meetings at MIT/MERL) but I had the best time seeing family and friends. Actually, besides a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts with Petros and Alecia, we spent less time touristing than we did meeting up with family/friends -- and we missed seeing a few besides. Favorite eats: incredible sushi at Fugakyu in Brookline, Stella in the South End, Hungry Mother in Cambridge, Helmand in Cambridge, Penang in Chinatown, and the burnt caramel ice cream at Toscanini's. We also had dessert at Finale on a snowy night. Beautiful. Another highlight: for those who like period pieces, dreamy and gentle-mannered poets, ill-fated love affairs, the English countryside, and beautiful cinematography, you must -repeat, must- see Bright Star. My favorite movie of the year.

We have been grossly neglecting our blog, mainly because we've made a huge change in our schedule, but on the list of things we want to share soon: soft pretzels, an update on our cinnamon rolls (hint: it involves more butter), Mark's flax seed loaf, a Mex-inspired rub for steak, a fool-proof technique for cooking beans, and a favorite recipe for bucatini alla amatriciana.

At the tip top of my personal "to make" list is soup and stew (and Nicole's chocoflan because, in the immortal words of 13 year old girls everywhere, omg). I am a soup person of the highest order and would be happy setting our table with only spoons from now until February. In preparation, every inch of our freezer is jammed with gallon and quart size bags of homemade stock: chicken stock, beef stock, lamb stock, ham stock, vegetable stock, lobster stock, shrimp stock, fish stock. (Not to mention a few chicken carcasses and vegetable trimmings.) I happily admit I have a sickness, but homemade stock in the freezer is a very, very good thing. Ciao for now!


Lauren said...

I didn't realize you were coming with Mark! Glad y'all got some good food. I love the mango chicken at Penang and the molten chocolate cakes at Finale. Actually, everything at Finale.

I'm with you on the soup.

LJ said...


Kim said...

Oh, I just saw this! Mark and I shared a molten chocolate cake at Finale. But it didn't work out so well, because I had dessert envy for what everyone else ordered.