December 1, 2009

Happy birthday, Mark!

Mark turned 28. He would like me to point out that 28 is a perfect number, just in case any number theory enthusiasts read our blog.

We pre-celebrated on Sunday night with a feast of chicken biryani -- I followed Madhur Jaffrey's recipe and it did not disappoint -- and friends. We celebrated again on Monday night just us two. It was mostly an excuse to make a meal (dry aged steaks) that would live up to the bottle of wine we bought on our last trip to Napa Valley. And I gave Mark my gift: a bottle of 1993 Lagavulin 16 year old Islay whisky. I usually have trouble coming up with good gifts for Mark but I was pretty psyched about this one. The gift came with a detailed explanation of how I braved a sea of well-intentioned but aggressive whisky aficionados at Spec’s.

P.S. We're off to Vancouver and Whistler in a few days for almost 2 weeks of fun in Canada. Not that we update that often anyway, but I think updating will be sparse for awhile. Things I'm looking forward to: seeing Mark's parents, spending more time exploring Vancouver, eating lots of seafood, skiing at Whistler, and being in the mountains.

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