May 7, 2010

where I tell you about my birthday

I turned 27 this week! If my birthday celebrations are any indication, I just might be in for a wonderful year. My birthday actually started a few weeks ago, when Mark's parents took us to Feast for their weekend lunch. Fine dining wise, Feast has the best weekend lunch deal in the city -- 2 courses for $14 or 3 courses for $18. For interesting, carefully made food and locally sourced and raised meat/poultry/eggs, I call that a most delicious bargain.
 Last Friday, we got Vietnamese food and Mark took me to see Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix. Super, super fun. My favorite part was when Thomas Mars announced: "'Ello, we are Pheenix and we come from Paris, France." I love Frenchy accents. And I love Phoenix! They put on an amazing show.

On Saturday, I flew to Bama to visit my best friend Julia and her husband John. Our birthdays are all within a week of each other, and we celebrated in style: a fire pit, burgers, beer, and 10 pounds of smoked wild boar butt. Beyond delicious. We spent Sunday on the couch, coughing and eating chicken noodle soup I made and watching Out of Africa, and it was still great. I love my best friend! (J, can you believe we've been best friends since we were 15?!)

Mark had to go out of town and missed my birthday and the trip to Alabama; needless to say, he was bummed about missing out on the company (and that wild boar). But when I opened all my gifts from everyone, I felt so loved: sweet cards, silver earrings, some cookbooks, a gift certificate from my brother, mad money from Mark's parents and Julia, and a gorgeous ruffled pie dish that I seriously looove and had been coveting for ages. Sour cherry pie, you are in my future. Coincidentally, I also received my new French oven on my birthday, which made me very happy. (Le Creuset replaced our chipped French oven at no charge! They have the best customer service and such a generous warranty.)

Our next trip is a week in the Bay Area - having fun, eating, and seeing our friends Nicole and Matt get married in Napa Valley. As matron of honor, I hope to bring a respectable level of matronliness to the position. Mark has been busy lately (nothing new there) -- wrapping up his class, the normal grant proposals/papers, and an interview in NJ -- so we are both totally excited about this trip.

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JDog said...

BFFs! Yes! It was an awesome way to celebrate our birthdays, even if we were sick and Out of Africa is the longest movie ever. I'm so glad you came up. It was great to see you and it was nice to have you take care of me. :)
And that wild boar was delish.