April 9, 2010

fun things

Mark and I flew to Colorado to visit friends and their CUTE baby and to ski. I discovered that I like to ski fast and I like powder. I didn't even mind when that combination led me to ski into a (very small) tree. Oh man, it was fun. And, Colorado, you are one gorgeous state.

 We got to hang out with our nephews a few times this spring, visiting them once in Keller and taking them to a Rice baseball game a few weeks later. They enjoyed the game, as long as there were peanuts to crack and sno-cones to eat. After that, not so much.

 To celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary, Mark and I did the tasting menu at Feast (a Houston restaurant renowned for nose-to-tail cooking). 9 courses: pork terrine, pork and fennel pâté with cauliflower and caper picallili, faggots with a spiced raisin compote (this is going to result in some interesting google hits), curried parsnip soup, calf's liver with mashed potatoes and wilted spinach, roasted grouper with bacony peas, lamb shank with kale, lemon sorbet, and bread and rum raisin pudding. We loved the whole experience and highly recommend Feast for delicious, memorable cooking (plus 1 for a reasonably priced wine list!). However, 9 courses is insanity. I probably won't attempt this ever, ever again.

Next post will be back to food and cooking, I promise. I have a food tip, actually. Little Big's has pulled pork sliders topped with cole slaw. Top them with a few pickled jalapenos, and I'd say Houston finally has decent pulled pork. Go, and enjoy the sunshine.

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