June 29, 2010

life these days

Wimbledon. Haruki Murakami short stories. Campari soda and soda chanh. Wonderful summer rain storms. Berries. Fruit pies in my ruffled dish. The combination of Mark's hearth bread and ultra-creamy Beemster Graskaas. Missing my family, who all came to visit last week. Helping our friends paint their new townhouse. Thinking about how to adequately celebrate Mark's thesis defense (only 2 more weeks).


Also, cooking successes (handmade flour tortillas!) and disappointments. Buoyed by my tortilla success, I made a pile of whole wheat chapatis last night, to accompany kidney bean curry, mushroom masala and cucumber raita. I should have paid better attention when my friend Jyoti's mom was making them for us. Hers were pliable and delicious; mine, disappointingly dry. And tonight I made salmon en papillotte: wild Alaskan salmon topped with julienned zucchini/fennel/carrot, lemon juice, white wine, thyme and a little butter, neatly sealed in parchment paper. We tore open the parchment at the table to find two very pretty pieces of overcooked salmon. Hoping for something better tomorrow.


LJ said...

I think you should post the recipe for tomatillo chicken! or mark's pie recipe :)

Kim said...

I have been meaning to post the strawberry rhubarb pie recipe, only rhubarb season is technically over now. The pie crust recipe and the tomatillo chicken are both good ones, though. Thanks for the reminder :)