July 5, 2010

the 4th.

Hope your weekends were excellent. Our 4th was quiet but nice -- Mark is in full-on thesis writing mode and I mostly kept him company at home. We drank soda chanh with lots of lime juice, listened to the Clash, ate pounds of Rainier cherries and took periodic breaks to play Word Bubbles (don't click here unless you are prepared to be addicted). And my brother and I made lunch: juicy beef burgers with harissa mayonnaise, pain au lait hamburger buns and a refreshing fingerling potato salad made with yogurt. And more cherries, of course. I used this cooking method for the burgers and was very happy with the flavor/texture. Later, we sat in the park, drank grapefruit soda and watched fireworks on the muggiest 4th of July I can remember.

And Wimbledon is over. Gosh, I realized that I have been obsessed with Wimbledon ever since I was in 7th grade... the crisp whites, the green and purple awnings, the strawberries and cream, the linesmen and women in those wonderful piped blazers and ties, and of course the tennis. I like these photos so much; looking at them, I feel as if I were there. I desperately want to go. (Mark, are you listening?)

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