September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

So this has been my first week working from home and the verdict is that it's a mixed bag. There are some nice things, like working in front of a window and wearing slippers, but it was a little too quiet sometimes.  (And yet it was still so easy to get distracted. Are birds attacking our sprouts in the garden? I'd better go check. Auggggh, there's a man in the backyard! Oh, it's the gardener. Passing the kitchen... hmm, am I hungry?)

Anyway, I realized today that I never posted pictures from our trip to Chicago last month. I am remiss, because it was a seriously great trip. First, Mark and I caught up with my college roommate in Chicago. Lisa told me earlier this summer that she and her husband are having a baby, but I hadn't seen her since she found out it's a boy. We had a fun, wonderful lunch and I am so excited for Lisa and her husband.

Later that weekend, we saw two good friends, Susie and Demian, get married. Everything about this wedding was beautiful, but my favorite part was when the bride and groom sang a duet of Time's A-Wastin' while we (the guests) accompanied with noise makers. We laughed and danced and drank wine and ate macarons and took silly pictures and stayed up late. So grateful to have these friends in my life!



 After the wedding, we drove through cornfield after cornfield and arrived in northern Illinois, where we visited with Mark's grandpa and family, spied on animals (hummingbirds, woodpeckers, a woodchuck), trespassed into a corn field, ate frozen custard and sweet corn and the most delicious tomatoes from the garden. And Mark drove a John Deere. Mark's grandpa is such a character and we had a nice visit. On the way back to the airport, we stopped for lunch at The Old Fashioned, an excellent restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. We drank a local ale that I'm still thinking about and ate cheese curds (dipped in cheese sauce). Awesome.



Hope everyone has a super weekend!


JDog said...

cheese curds dipped in cheese sauce is probably the best idea anyone's ever had.

Kim said...

Hee. Totally. It was kind of disgusto if I thought too much about it, but awesome if I didn't. Shut up brain.