September 30, 2010

have some chicken wings

Our recipe for Vietnamese-style chicken wings was selected as an Editor's Pick over at Food52, so I thought I'd share it here too. (I was pleasantly surprised, by the way, since this was our first ever recipe submission!) We don't often deep fry because it's a pain, but if we're going to eat wings, we eat wings. That means going all out. That means deep frying.  These get a bath in soy sauce and a light coating of rice flour before being fried, then a Viet-inspired glaze with ginger, garlic, sugar, sambal oelek (chile sauce) and fish sauce. The same frying technique works well for a classic Buffalo wing as well (just toss in Frank's Hot Sauce and melted butter).

If you're not familiar with Food52, it is a community for home cooks to submit their recipes and get inspired by others. Each week, the site holds a contest (e.g. Your Best Chicken Wings) and the winning recipes are published in the annual Food 52 cookbook -- crowdsourcing at it finest! I like to browse Food 52 when planning meals or feeling uninspired.

Chicken wings

P.S. As a result of this contest, I found out last week that our curbside recycling service takes everything, including used cooking oil. Go California.


robin said...

woohoo! congrats!! we are going to try this recipe :) haha

Kim said...

Let me know how it turns out! I'm guessing you guys will use vegetarian fish sauce instead of regular, right?

JDog said...

next time you come visit, you are making these. or next time I go to your house, you are making these. basically, next time we are physically together you are making these. and yes, theoretically *I* could make them, but I have a feeling they wouldn't be as good as yours. :)

Kim said...

Definitely! I think you could make them, but it's like my dad and the no bake cookies, right? :)