September 7, 2010

Hello, California

Death Valley
empty highway through Death Valley
Technically the first place we stopped in California was Death Valley. Death Valley is a weird place, and it doesn't feel like California so much as it feels like a forbidding (but pretty), somewhat scary, empty, 110 degree inferno where I spent the whole time praying that our car wouldn't break down. I made Mark stop the car so I could take pictures of the sand dunes. How cool, I thought, until I stepped onto the sand, the hot sand, and realized it was literally burning my feet through my flimsy sandals.

Then we drove some more, through Mammoth Lakes and gorgeous Yosemite.
Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

And then a few more hours of twisty mountain roads, roads snaking past yellow hills, fruit farms and fields, and finally major highways. And then we got to our little house. Finally. We chose our place based on a few photos, and I felt increasingly nervous as we followed the GPS directions to our new address. As soon as we walked in, though: relief! It is lovely, with lots of light and a surprisingly big kitchen with a bay window overlooking the yard. The yard is private, surrounded by graceful ivy and tall flowering azaleas (which, frankly, still seems ridiculous to me. I mean, we're used to a view of a parking lot.)

Never mind that the closets are cramped, I can't figure out where I am going to store our extra sheets and we are still sleeping in a mattress on the floor -- we have a basil plant and a lemon tree and a big garden plot! We have a cheerful striped umbrella over our patio table. And we've made waffles in my favorite yellow Pyrex bowl. It felt weird, initially, but I mean, we actually live here now. In California. I leave the windows open. It is cold in the morning. It feels good, all of it.


Lauren said...

All of it sounds awesome! Glad y'all are enjoying Cali!

Agrado said...

West coast 4EVA!!