December 7, 2010

hi, December

Our Thanksgiving break in Washington State involved a mind boggling amount of butter, a snowball fight on a magically snowy day and a hike to a pretty spot on the coast.

hiking, Washington coast

We also drove to Canada, where we sought out delicious dim sum in honor of Mark's birthday. Man, Vancouver really does dim sum right! If I wasn't so burned out on rich foods, I'd have a lot to say about how amazing it was but for now even typing the words "deep fried taro root and minced duck dumpling" feels excessive. I'll just say for the tenth time that Vancouver is one of our favorite cities (food and otherwise) and leave it at that.

We flew back to San Francisco, lightened our meals considerably (my official goal was to O'D on vegetables and I believe I succeeded) and we both spent the rest of the week under piles of work. Otherwise, Mark experimented with his birthday gifts from my sister, lemon bitters and celery bitters. (He discovered that he likes gin martinis, while I discovered that I don't.) We also pulled out our box of ornaments, made a Christmas music playlist and decorated our Christmas tree.

Two ornaments that I always put near the top:

Mark's parents send us a different crystal snowflake ornament each year, beginning the year we got engaged. The tradition is actually much older than that, though; while we were in Washington, we decorated the tree with almost 40 years worth of crystal and sterling silver ornaments given to Betty and Dennis from her parents. I love that.

And I like this goofy Sammy the Owl, too.

Other Christmas traditions: Mulled wine. A hot toddy called a Polar Bear that involves hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps and creme de cacao. (Mark prefers Scotch but I think it's yum.) Watching lots of movies with my family. Eating pomegranates and winter citrus (below is a picture of a pomegranate salad we like to make on Christmas morning). Making a new ornament or wreath for the tree. Midnight mass. And A Christmas Story, of course. I can't believe it's already December.


robin said...

the polar bear sounds delicious! i like the crystal snowflake tradition... what a fun way to celebrate your years of being together. :)

Kim said...

The polar bear drink tastes like Andes Mint in liquid form (i.e. good in my book). :)