February 24, 2011


at frog's leap in rutherford

I had a special guest in town this past weekend: my good friend Ula who flew down from Portland to hang out. This girl is great; I'm happy to call her a friend a full 14 years (!) after meeting in Mrs. Webb's advanced English class. I love meeting new people but there's just something so satisfying about friendships that have endured since those silly, strange, and wonderful days of high school. We spent 3 days adventuring, eating and drinking our way around the Bay Area. When we weren't exploring, we cooked, drank boozy hot chocolate and kind of an amazing amount of wine, and wondered where the hours went.
And, despite being a cold, gloomy and rainy weekend, Northern California somehow managed to be photogenic anyway.


Lauren said...

Beautiful photos. By the way, are those the cinnamon rolls we have yet to try?

LJ said...

ula and you look so beautiful!

Laura J. said...

Frog's Leap is a good winery to visit, then? Do you have any other recommendations? Also, sigh, the west coast is so, so beautiful.

Kim said...

Lauren - Yes! Man, they were really good. He outdid himself this time.

Lynh - Aww. Thanks.

Laura J. - Frog's Leap is a nice option if you want to drink your wine leisurely on a wraparound porch of a really lovely house. They are really nice there. I can't say I think their wine was AWESOME, but it's the kind of place I like to taste wine. We've also done tastings at Pine Ridge, which has a nice tour and underground caves, and Silver Oak which is a cult cab producer. I was chatting with the people at Frog's Leap, and they recommended Robert Sinksey (he does pinot noir) and Duckhorn (I think they do merlot), so those are on my list. I try to avoid the bigger wineries off highway 29, just because they are always so slammed. I've also been meaning to check out Mendocino Valley.