April 9, 2011

the latest

lovely light in the Marais
Hi, friends. I'd love to have a new recipe today, but life has been very busy and so I think I'll just post a life update instead.

So, just before Christmas, Mark read an email aloud to me from one of his colleagues: Hello Mark, we would like to know if you are interested in doing research with us in Paris during the summer. And then I proceeded to quietly hyperventilate. But since we still had plenty of details to iron out, I kept telling myself not to get too excited. (I, ahem, kind of believe in jinxing myself.)

Fast forward to this week, when all the pieces fell into place and I realized it's officially official! We have an apartment in the 12eme arrondissement, near Nation. We photographed our cottage (you can see here and here, if you like), posted a Craigslist ad, and found subletters. (The couple renting it are sweet newlyweds who are adorably excited about living here, which makes me happy.) And then I played travel agent, cashed in 80,000 reward miles, and we have our tickets.

I'm not sure how much baking we'll do while we're in Paris -- I'm not even sure our apartment has an oven -- but I am looking forward to buying produce, cheeses, pâtés at the nearby markets and sampling all the pastries and bread and chocolate we can get our hands on. Also: excited about our visitors (my sister! our friends Julia and John!), taking long walks in the evenings, and photographing photographing photographing. (The photo above is from the trip we took to Paris for our first wedding anniversary.)

So ... ! You'll have to excuse me for practically levitating as I type. Next time I post, I promise to have my feet back on planet Earth. Future posts: our 3 year wedding anniversary trip in Tahoe. Muir Woods and Napa Valley with Mark's parents. And a dish we liked so much we've made it twice in the past two weeks: Yotam Ottolenghi's insane black pepper tofu. 


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, these are the best summer plans ever! (also: So jealous!) but I'm looking forward to posts about the markets and restaurants and the places you discover, so I can have a travel guide for my trip in August! How long will you all be in Paris?

Also, did you use an agency to find your apartment? I'd like to do this but not sure how.

Liz in DC said...

Oh man. You alluded to this a few weeks ago and I was wondering what was going on! wow! I’m so excited for you ... and secretly (I guess not-so-secretly now) jealous. I wish my/my man's work was flexible so we could live abroad for awhile. Hopefully you'll post lots about it so we can tag along vicariously. Best of luck!

Rachel said...

Oh my! How fun. I've been to Paris a couple of times but since most of the touristy stuff is in the west/center, I'm not sure if I've ever been east of Bastille, where you'll be (I think?). One piece of advice - don't accidentally leave the roaming/data on your U.S. mobile phone. Not that I racked up a $500 bill or anything...

Claire said...

Ok, I read your blog all the time but this is my first comment to say I know you'll have such a great time! I spent a semester studying in Paris and I've been scheming to go back ever since. Sigh, that city.

Kim said...

Wow, thank you everyone for the sweet comments :)

Amy - We are renting a place from a friend of a friend, which made it super easy. Suggestions -- check Craigslist and FRBO. Agencies are convenient (and tend to offer very nice apartments) but they tack on big fees. If you want suggestions re: arrondissements, feel free to email me.

Liz - Thank you! We feel totally lucky to be able to take advantage of an opportunity like this.

Rachel - Yes, I'm really excited to live in the eastern part of the city, near Bastille -- so many good restaurants! (A few years ago, Gourmet featured eastern Paris and all its delights -- http://www.gourmet.com/travel/cityguides/paris/11th-and12th-arrondissements) Also, good point re: data, too. $500? Eep.

Claire - I somehow managed to spend a year in Paris during undergrad, too! I know just what you mean about scheming to get back :)

Christina said...

I have made many trips to Italy and Spain, never France, but I'd love to spend a summer there! Paris seems like such a magical, beautiful city. Would you ever want to live in a foreign country indefinitely, though? Maybe this is lame but I think I'd miss my beloved SF too much. Unless there's Cheeseboard pizza in France. Then I might change my mind.

Kim said...

Christina - Not lame at all! Paris/France ARE beautiful but they also might be the most over-idealized city/country ever. :) Besides, anyone who has been in France longer than a short vacation (including me) will tell you that living in France can be a total pain. For real. I love the U.S. And Europeans can say what they will about America, but we have an AMAZING culture of customer service and clean public bathrooms. Heh. USA USA USA, etc.

I still like the idea of living abroad for awhile, though. Adventure!