June 13, 2011

Jardin de Reuilly

Jardins de Reuilly, lazy weekend afternoon 
As I mentioned before, my best friend Julia and her husband John are here visiting (yay!), and it has been great. Really, really great. We have been out and about all day, every day -- biking 25km in Fontainebleau (more on that later), hitting up museums galore, walking all over Paris, and cooking every night -- and on Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves flagging. Solution: we took a blanket, drinks, and books (well, my Kindle) and set off for a stroll through the Promenade Plantee. (The Promenade Plantee is a former railway-viaduct converted into a  greenway, similar to the High Line park in New York.) We made our way to a shady spot in the Jardin de Reuilly, where we snoozed/read/scoped out some adorable babies. It was, as they say, tellement sympa.

Another cool thing about Jardin de Reuilly is the fancy water fountain there. Not only does the water fountain dispense cold water, but it gives you a choice between still water and sparkling water.*

*In practice, I've never been able to get any sparkling water from it. But still. As a longtime sparkling water fanatic, I appreciate the idea.

Some photos, courtesy of John, of our walk through the Promenade Plantee to the Jardin de Reuilly:


promenade plantee

jardin de Reuilly

jardin de Reuilly
Jardin de Reuilly
intersection of Rue Daumesnil and Rue Charenton, 75012

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