June 5, 2011

Prague notes

I really enjoy the vibe of Prague and all its different neighborhoods, from the windy cobblestone streets in Mala Strana to the architecture in the Jewish quarter. And those cobblestone streets! Prague is lovely in general, but I find it especially fun and beautiful at night. We spent our evenings drinking mugs of cold beer with friends, strolling around the (extremely well lit) streets, and taking advantage of the super weather.

Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Praha 1
Lokal does Czech classics, and they are done well. We went once for dinner and again for lunch the next day, because I couldn't stop dreaming about the ... steamed cabbage. What? Yes! Their cabbage with caraway seeds, which you can and should order as a side dish, is perfect: sweet, savory, and addictive. We also loved the beef broth with liver dumplings, crispy schnitzel, spicy sausages, mashed potatoes (flavored with onion and caraway, which is a new-to-us and genius combination), fried cheese with tartar sauce, caramel pastry with thick whipped cream. Of course, you will drink the unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell and you should finish with a little shot of eau de vie, either the traditional slivovice (plum) or the pear, which Mark especially liked. Hint: this is the only place we went in Prague with a designated non-smoking section, which we took advantage of. 

Prague Beer Museum
Dlouhá 720/46
110 00 Prague 5-Old Town
A bar in the Old Town with delicious, inexpensive beer. They have a sizable selection beyond the normal Czechvar and Pilsner Urquell (no disrespect to those two solid beers, of course). The atmosphere is young and loud and fun, and they have little bar snacks (I loved the pickled sausage and onions). The only drawback for me was the insane smokiness, but otherwise this place was a high point.

Residence Karolina: 

I am a big fan of renting apartments when we travel, because I like having extra space and a kitchen. The apartment we rented from Prague City Apartments was probably the best short-term apartment I've ever rented. The apartment was huge, full of natural light, decorated in an inoffensively contemporary manner (if you know what I mean), and had a lovely balcony overlooking a quiet cobblestone street. It also had well-functioning wi-fi and air-conditioning and is convenient to public transportation. And they provided a complimentary airport transfer when I asked in advance! High recommend.

Strahov Monastic Brewery
Strahovské nádvoří 301, Prague 1
I ordered a glass of their special Weizen brew after walking all the way from Old Town to the Prague castle. Yow! I was by myself and I'm not kidding when I say that it moved me to exclaim (out loud) how delicious it was. I didn't try any food because I wasn't hungry, but their outdoor patio is a nice spot for a (somewhat pricey) drink.

U Fleku
This Czech pub/brewery/beer garden has been brewing its dark, 13 degree beer for more than 500 years. Full disclosure: it is filled with tourists (and the accordionists who cater to them) and there are better/less expensive places to eat in Prague (see: Lokal). However, we were with a big group and had a fun time drinking their dark house beer. 

Kozí 918/1
110 00 Prague 1-Old Town, Czech Republic
Bakery selling lots of delicious things in the Jewish Quarter. Rugelach, croissants, poppy seed pastries, sandwiches, tarts, etc.

Wenceslas Square sausage stand
I'm a sucker for sausages and this place scratched my itch. Avoid the bun (mediocre), but the sausage had that nice crisp casing and juicy interior I always look for. Super tasty. 


jyoti said...

the Jewish quarter definitely had my favorite bakeries in prague! also, i too really love sausages :) just the words "crisp casing and juicy interior" are making me hungry now haha.

Lan said...

Hi honey,
It sounds like you and Mark re having a time of your life.I'm very glad to know that you are not only enjoying but also savoring any minute of it.

Kim said...

Thanks mom :)

Jyoti - I ate at least one sausage item every day we were there. I figured you would have approved.