July 13, 2011

it's mid-July


I'm missing our quiet little cottage, garden and backyard back in California. For every minute I spend pushing my way through crowds on the metro, or hearing our neighbors chatter in the courtyard all evening (misanthrope much?), I find myself longing for calm and quiet. In Paris, that means parks, cemeteries and little-visited museums. Above: John's photos from our stroll through Pere LaChaise cemetery and visit to the courtyard of the Musee Carnavalet (an excellent, free, little-touristed museum). Pretty, huh?

(But -- I'll be setting aside my desire for calm tonight and tomorrow, so we can properly celebrate la Fete Nationale! Bals des pompiers, all night dance parties, fireworks by the Tour Eiffel, the works. Can't wait.)

Eiffel Tower 120th Anniversary
[photo attribution: Dwinton]

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