July 22, 2011

Scotland pt. 1


As I mentioned before, we had a most excellent trip to Scotland a few weeks ago. It was one of the loveliest trips we've taken in a long time, mostly because of all the good company we shared. We road tripped with  Mike and Megan and were lucky enough to stay with with some generous, amazing hosts in Edinburgh and Glasgow --thank you Jared/Cora, Emma/Stefan/Fharhad, and David/Sarah!

I'll be recapping our trip in the next few posts, but I thought I'd start with photos from a morning Megan and I spent in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.



Being someone who is somewhat obsessed with green spaces in cities, I wanted to visit all the parks in Edinburgh. I found out that access to the gated Queens Street Gardens is limited to those who live nearby (fine, be that way) but Princes Street is open to the public. My favorite was the Botanic Gardens, which were quiet, empty and super lush.


Rachel said...

Fairy Wood! Anne-with-an-E of Green Gables would approve.

I never visited the Botanic Gardens and now I wish I had. Beautiful shots! All the shades of green are gorgeous

pixie658 said...

Aw, love it. I've been there. :) It was so lovely.