July 13, 2011

summer drinking

This summer, I've been on very good terms with our neighborhood wine vendor. I walk in, he gives me a big smile and immediately asks what we're cooking that night. Based on my response, he asks a few follow up questions -- do we prefer dry or sweet? light or something with un peu de caractere? what is our budget? He is always urging us to try something new, which I like, and the bottles he recommends have been great every single time. So helpful.

After sampling a few bottles of Breton cider when Julia and John came to visit, I asked our vendor to recommend more ciders for us to try. So far, our favorite is an organic cider that costs a whopping 3,85 euros. It's just the kind of drink I want on a warm summer night. I also like the Manoir de Kinkiz brut cider (not to mention every last thing on the menu, actually) at West Country Girl, in the 11eme arrondissement (6 passage Sainte-Ambroise).


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