August 9, 2011

Scotland pt. 3: Isle of Skye and the Highlands

Skye is absolutely stunning, braved the horizontal rain to take a hike.

I had been dying to visit the Isle of Skye for years. It was exactly how I imagined it: stark, craggy, romantic, dramatic clouds, beautiful gray light.

Skye, Scotland

After a beautiful hike at the base of the Cuillins, we were soaked to the bone and it finally dawned on me why people there are always drinking tea. However, we had other beverages in mind that morning -- Talisker whisky, at the distillery just down the road from our hotel. I like Talisker, but I also loved tasting the local spring water, which flows over peat and tastes extra interesting.

After a tour and a wee dram, we drove almost all the way around Skye. It was freezing, but we braved the cold windy sleet and all the sheep poo (just trying to give you the full experience!) to do some short hikes along the way. 

Mark straight up started running when we got to the Quiraing ridge (maybe he was tired of being in the car?):
Mark, Skye, Scotland
Skye,  Scotland

Mark, Skye, Scotland

After a few days exploring Skye, we made our way through the Highlands for more glens, more stunning vistas, more gleaming lochs, more waterfalls, and the most awesome hike ever. You start out in a sparkling, very green forest, with waterfalls all over the place -- and then you end up in a pristinely beautiful glen. No big deal!

And I finally got up close and personal with a Highland cow. Get that hair out of your eyes, young lady.

Then, while driving past Glencoe, we saw a lone piper who was (we believe) playing playing Bryan Adams' "(Everything I do) I do it for you." Please try to imagine how stirring this was.

Scotland, I like you. 


Lauren said...

Your whole trip looks wonderful, but I am particularly jealous of this part of it!

Thomas said...

Thanks that you enjoyed my piping :-)