November 15, 2011

about our most recent trip (and some other thoughts)

Instead of working or catching up on chores, I've fallen down a rabbit hole called the Internet. For example, weren't you wishing that someone would do a photo shoot of the women of Downton Abbey? In disco attire? Oh wait, you can find that here! (But don't scroll down below the picture or you'll find a big season 2 spoiler.) We just finished season 2 and withdrawal has set in, but apparently they're doing a Christmas special. As Lord Grantham would say, my dearest chaps, I just don't have the words to express how very pleased I am.

In other news, we just wrapped up 6 very busy, very fun weeks. I want to share every bit of it, but the thought of editing photos and writing about it is overwhelming. My natural response is to fret about it, plan to do it later, and then ... never get around to doing a thing, because I feel like I don't have the time. But! Recently, my bff Julia not-so-gently nudged me to STOP doing that. And she is right. For one thing, I love keeping a journal for myself -- when I go back and re-read previous posts, I'm always grateful that I made the time to do it. For another thing, my family and good friends have told me they like reading our updates and recipes too. So, it might take me awhile to get going, but I'm determined to blog more often. Resolution made.

And now I'll start by writing a bit about our trip to Georgia. The real reason we went was because Mark was invited to give a talk and meet with colleagues at Georgia Tech. Our real-er reason was to visit friends we haven't seen in way too long, and to visit my parents/sister over in Augusta.

I've been to Atlanta a bunch of times (fun fact: I saw *NSync at the Georgia Dome in the year 2001. YES I DID, PEOPLE.), but this time was less about boy bands and more about catching up with our friends Chris and Kara. They took such good care of us. We had delicious food, a very comfortable bed, and two of the smartest and funniest play companions I've ever had (I'm talking about their two little girls, not Chris and Kara, though they are both smart and funny too). Everything about the visit was wonderful, but it was especially nice to just hang out with them and their adorable family. There's something really neat about seeing your friends with their children, no?

After a few days in Atlanta, we went to visit my family in Augusta. Visiting my family is pretty much the same every time, but I love it. I get to read (this time, it was Blood Bones and Butter, The Tiger's Wife, and Mindy Kaling's book), my mom cooks my favorite things, my dad tells amusing stories, and we laugh a lot about ridiculous things. Everyone cares so much about everyone else that we inevitably have at least one major family discussion/disagreement, but as Mark says visiting my family is always a good time no matter what.

Mom's bun rieu
Mom's famous bun rieu (crab and tomato noodle soup, though she made hers with shrimp this time)

Mom's baby collards, growing on the deck
(Mom grows baby collards in a planter on the deck!)

(my parent's deck and view of the river, the #1 reason my dad wanted to buy this house)

(photos from a hike we took along the Savannah River)

(my mom and her favorite son-in-law)


Amy said...

Hear, hear! about more frequent posting.

Also, I snorted when you mentioned *NSync. I was a BSB girl myself but I guess we can still be friends ...

Kim said...

Oh, hmm, well. This is awkward. Because I don't know if we can be friends, Amy. :) Seriously, though, thanks for your support!

JDog said...

Yay for more writing! It's nice to see your mom, too. :)

Lauren said...

Um, evidently I am VERY, VERY FAR out of the loop--they already came out with season 2?!?!??1?!!? I've got to get on that!