January 29, 2012

some housekeeping

I've had a bad day: I slept funny and my neck is sore, I spilled a cup of coffee in an unfortunate location, and I accidentally deleted our recipe index.

Don't panic, though, because everything is fine and the recipe index is back online. It's here.

I also created a travel page, mostly for our benefit, so we can access our travel recaps more easily.

Finally, we updated the cinnamon brioche recipe, with additional photos and a better icing. (Read: Mark decided that the icing would be superior with a little butter and cream.) Have I ever mentioned that the cinnamon brioche recipe is by far the most popular page on this blog? We get tons of hits from a Swedish baking message board. Thank you, Swedish bakers. You are awesome.

1 comment:

JDog said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day! That sucks! At least Downton was on last night. Hopefully that made your day slightly better. :)