April 6, 2012

4 years ago

We got married 4 years ago. I don't even know what to say about that! Except that I love this man more than anything. And also, my hair will never look that good again.


Okay, I do have a few more things to say (I'm feeling verbose, so bear with me). We've been married 4 years, but this September will mark 10 years that we met. I suppose we have a lot to show for that time -- we've built a happy marriage and a life we love, plus, you know, achieved tiny things like personal growth and degrees and rewarding work (I'm still working on the latter, but I've got inspiration) -- but it still doesn't seem like it could possibly be so long.
Things I remember about our wedding: Holding Mark's hand during the ceremony. My grandmother telling me how thrilled she was to be there. Hugging my dad after his wonderful toast. The huge smiles on our moms' faces all evening. Dancing with all our friends and family to Just Like Heaven. Dying laughing with Lynh/Julia/Lisa/Elvia before the ceremony and feeling really happy they were there. Everyone laughing and crying during Mark's toast (it was an incredible speech). And Mark danced like a crazy person. His dancing was so out of character I now refer to that dancing fool as Mork, his dancing doppelgänger. I'm very fond of Mork.
Before the wedding, we joked about eloping to save ourselves the hassle and the money, but I'm glad we didn't. It was nice, but we were able to pay for it ourselves, and it was such an overwhelmingly great feeling to be surrounded by well-wishing family and friends! I can't even describe it. And most importantly, it was the last time I saw my grandmother before she died a few months later, and a happy time before what was to be a rough summer of my dad's cancer treatment.
For various reasons, we didn't do anything big yesterday: we exchanged letters (this is our tradition), I cried when reading Mark's like I always do, we made Thai omelets together and we talked about what we would like to tell our 19- and 20-year old selves. Sneaky Mark disregarded our no-gifts agreement and gave me a set of beautiful salt and pepper shakers from Heath Ceramics. (I've always refused to buy any old salt and pepper shakers because I wanted something beautiful, since they are always out and you use them every single day.) We always celebrate with trips or experiences, so this is the first ever tangible wedding anniversary gift he's given me. A very good gift, though the letters are always the best part.