April 5, 2012

ch-ch-ch-changes + Big Sur

So, you may have noticed things have been quiet around here. We've been mulling some big decisions and now everything is official so I can say it: we're moving to Atlanta. Mark's postdoc at Stanford wraps up in June, and after all the interviews and weeks of stressful deliberation, Mark will officially be Assistant Professor Mark. Things have been HAPPENING!

We are excited, though there are some bittersweet emotions going on too. I may die when I have to say goodbye to Jyoti (Mark will too, though he won't put it in those exact terms). We'll miss the weather and the redwood trees and friends we've made here. However, we are excited about making a new life there, in close proximity to people we love. And I'm especially thrilled for Mark -- that guy has been working insanely hard towards this goal, and it's so fun and exciting (and for me, inspiring!) to see it pay off.

No recipe today, but I do have some pictures from a 2 night camping trip in Big Sur last weekend. I'm kicking myself for not making this my wedding anniversary gift to Mark, because now I can't think of anything to top this trip -- it was incredibly fun and romantic and the best camping trip I've ever taken. We camped in a peaceful spot, hiked through gorgeous forests, gazed at the Milky Way before bed, fell asleep listening to the roar of the waves, and unzipped our tent in the morning to see ... the Pacific! It was amazing. Get yourselves to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park


Finally, a s'more pro tip: This is not s'more snobbery, just a comment on the structural limitations of the graham cracker + chocolate bar setup. Petit Ecolier cookies, where the chocolate is firmly embedded in a cookie substrate, are perfect -- you can melt the chocolate by holding the cookie up to the fire.