September 27, 2013

things I have been thinking about

Friday! This has been a long week so let's talk about some fun stuff.

- I started watching Scandal on Netflix thinking it'd be ok, but it's pretty good. My pal Andrea loves it, and it's nice to have a friend with whom to air thoughts on Noel-from-Felicity vs bad-guy-from-Ghost, plus the bizarre plot twists. That show lives on the edge of "good" bonkers and "too much," which is fine until it (inevitably) hurtles over the edge.

- However, I still do not have a suitable Sherlock outlet, which is unfortunate because we've been rewatching it -- in preparation for the finale which has apparently been pushed back again -- and I have remembered all the 10 million thoughts I have about that show. To be fair, Mark is great for when I want to endlessly speculate about The Fall or quote Moriarty or reference amusing scenes in day-to-day life. We can even have brief discussions about how perfectly Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman portray the Sherlock/Watson dynamic.  (They are each other's anchors and it's so well done and often genuinely moving, and I just ... they get it right.) And yet ... he's not so into discussing Benedict Cumberbatch's intriguingly alien, beautiful features and definitely not my shipping of Watson and Sherlock (I ship them like Fedex is what I'm saying). Mostly at this point Mark is just like: MUSTACHE !!!

- I simultaneously can't wait for and am dreading the Breaking Bad finale on Sunday. I forgot how fun it is to consume a complex show slowly, with a forced weekly hiatus, and to fully enjoy and appreciate the pacing and character development and attention to detail. (As opposed to enjoying it for a millisecond and then pushing "next!") We don't have cable, though, so we'll be watching at our friends' house on Sunday night.

- A wonderful and sad and funny and relatable piece entitled My Foreign Mom. I first read this at least 6 months ago and I still think about it.

- I meant to blog about this recipe before Labor Day (ahem) so people could get their grill on. It's delicious and juicy and THE reason to keep sriracha around. You'll also need fish sauce and chile garlic sauce and brown sugar. That ingredient list is making my mouth water.  

- A few weeks ago, my sister Lynh got married. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful party, complete with tears and crazy dancing and, inexplicably, arm wrestling. The weekend itself was a real family effort, which made it all the more special. My mom and sister and I cooked and baked for the rehearsal dinner; I arranged the flowers and did the bride's hair and makeup (notable only if you know that I'm not, how do you say, extremely skilled in those feminine arts); my dad did a whopper of a paint job to get the house ready for the rehearsal dinner; and Mark, Robert, Paola, and Sissy pulled off the rehearsal dinner logistics. And my wonderful cousin swooped in with a clutch fried chicken and pizza delivery after the wedding ended. We were starving, and it was awesome. What a weekend! Big love to them, and to all of our family and friends who came to celebrate with us. 


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