Hey y'all, let's cook.

making something... pie dough?

beef and root vegetable stew
kung pao chicken
kale salad with pecorino
roasted cauliflower with mango pickle and yogurt
quick braised kale
kale with an egg on top
south indian lemon rice
harissa avocado toast
seafood in vietnamese black pepper sauce

celeriac and leek soup 

oven fried chicken
ma po tofu
mujadara with spicy cilantro yogurt

hungarian goulash
pimento cheese
yellow eye bean and vegetable soup
vietnamese style chicken wings
roasted cauliflower / roasted cauliflower salad
red lentil soup with lemon
crostini with oven roasted tomatoes
mostly vegetarian red beans and rice
baked beans

simplest cranberry sauce

goan style shrimp curry / goan style chicken curry
roast chicken / chicken carcass stock
vietnamese caramel chicken thighs
white bean and ham soup
spaghetti with oven roasted tomatoes


spaghetti all'amatriciana
steamed eggplant with chile sauce


pomegranate citrus salad with minted sugar
arugula goat cheese pear saladapple and fennel salad

green goddess dressing
arugula salad with oranges and avocado


blueberry boy bait

olive oil granola
pomegranate citrus salad with minted sugar
super crisp waffles
cinnamon brioche buns
cream scones

sour cherry coffee cake


berry tart with mascarpone filling

olive oil banana bread with lemon zest and chocolate
chocolate chip cookies part 1
chocolate chip cookies part 2 (whole wheat edition)
lemon pudding cakes

chocolate custard and rum chiffon pie (black bottom pie)

whole wheat shortbread
pomegranate citrus salad with minted sugar
tangerine-campari granita
meyer lemon cream meringue stack (failures)
cocoa oatmeal no-bake cookies
azo family chocolate torte
blueberry boy bait
southern caramel spice cake
apple tart
chewy cocoa brownies

strawberry rhubarb pie 
sour cherry coffee cake
katharine hepburn brownies


cinnamon brioche buns

cream scones

light and fluffy yeast rolls
tex-mex flour tortillas
scallion pancakes
blueberry boy bait
flax seed loaf 

pizza dough 
butter and cream cheese pie dough


nordic snapper

sloe gin fizz and my ode to Downton Abbey

hot citrus mulled wine


roasted tomato salsa / tomatillo salsa
turkey stock
thyme and lemon vinaigrette 

apple cider vinaigrette
green goddess dressing

spicy citrus honey vinaigrette
simplest cranberry sauce
chicken carcass stock

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