Our other big passion, besides cooking and baking, is travel. We love exploring new places and learning about different cultures and foods, but visiting friends and family in far-flung (and not so far-flung) places can't be topped either! Our philosophy is to try to have adventures wherever we are.

Burr Trail

Colorado (May 2012)
Big Sur (March 2012)
San Diego (February 2012)
Tahoe (January 2012)
Yosemite (January 2012)
Augusta/Atlanta (November 2011)
Bay Area with Julia (November 2011)
Chicago/Galena (October 2011)
Budapest (July 2011)
Scotland: Isle of Skye and the Highlands (June 2011)
Scotland: Kingdom of Fife, Angus, Glasgow, East Neuk, Saint Andrews (June 2011)
Scotland: Edinburgh (June 2011)
France (May to August 2011)
Prague (May 2011)
Napa/Bay Area (February 2011)
Augusta (December 2010)
Washington State / Vancouver, B.C. (November 2010)
Lost Coast (November 2010)
New York (October 2010)
Death Valley and Yosemite (August 2010)
Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada (August 2010)
Chicago/Galena (August 2010)
Bay Area (May 2010)
Alabama (May 2010)
Colorado (March 2010)
Alabama (January 2010)
Vancouver, B.C. / Whistler (December 2009)
D.C. and Boston (November 2009)
Bay Area (May 2009)
Paris/Bretagne (April 2009)
D.C. (March 2009)
New York (January 2009)
Chicago/Galena (October 2009)
Vietnam and Japan (May 2008)